I'm receiving false notifications

Karma sends out notifications in real-time when retailers drop their prices on the items you have saved or send us the information that some items come back in stock. 

Back in stock alerts/notifications 

In general, back in stock items sell out really quickly and prices and stocks fluctuate on an hourly basis. 

It is indeed possible that from the moment the back in stock notification was sent, until the moment you actually opened the email and checked the item, it was sold out again.

Sale alerts/notifications 

Please note that Karma does not control when the price drops or when items are back in stock. We are receiving the information from the retailers themselves and sending you notifications right away after we receive the information. 

Unfortunately, some glitches can happen occasionally, and we apologize if the information was miscommunicated. 😣

If you're having an issue with a specific item, please contact us at support@karmanow.com

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