I'm not seeing my saved items on my list

Having issues seeing your saved items on your Karma list? 

If you're using the Karma mobile app: 

Unfortunately, in some exceptional cases - especially when a lot of users are using the app at the same time and our servers are busy - it can take up to a few minutes until you're able to see your saved items on your list. 

But no need to worry! Your items are all saved - it just takes a little while for them to show.

Please wait a few minutes and see if you can see your items. 

If you still can't see your saved items on the app, please log out and log in again. 

If you're using the Karma extension, from your desktop: 

Try refreshing your browser - you should then be able to see all of your saved items :-)

If you're still having issues, please contact us at support@karmanow.com

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